Growth Groups exist to promote the growth of meaningful Christian relationships centered around the study of God’s Word.

1st Quarter

Sign Up Dates – Aug 19 – Sept 2
Meeting Dates – Sept 2 – Oct 12

2nd Quarter

Sign Up Dates – Oct 21 – Oct 28
Meeting Dates – Oct 28 – Dec 7

3rd Quarter

Sign Up Dates – Dec 30 – Jan 13
Meeting Dates – Jan 13 – Feb 22

4th Quarter

Sign Up Dates – Mar 10 – Mar 24
Meeting Dates – Mar 24 – May 3


When and where do Growth Groups meet?

Groups meet in homes across the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area. We do not require you to join a group that is closest to your house. We want you to join a group that you are comfortable with and enjoy the company of.

How often do Growth Groups meet?

Growth Groups meet once-a-week for about 1.5 hours each time.

What will my Growth Group Study?

Our studies are sermon-based. Therefore, a Growth Guide will be provided every Sunday for you to study before you meet each week. They are designed to dig a bit deeper into the last week’s message.

Are there any breaks?

Yes. We believe it is important to give everyone a break (including our hard-working leaders). Therefore, we meet 6 weeks at a time and then enjoy a few weeks rest.

Why the long summer break?

We love our leaders and hosts. We believe it is important to keep them from burnout by blessing them with a long summer break. Besides, Arizona is pretty much empty in the summer. The faithful who stick around all summer are able to attend classes taught by our staff.