In 2003, the Lord called Billy Van Camp and family to plant San Tan Heights Church. Today, it is known as Heart Cry Church. As a successful businessman, Billy decided to take the lead of faith and follow where God was leading him. Pastor Billy enrolled in Golden Gate Seminary and immediately started following the vision God gave him… To reach and teach men and women, boys and girls for Christ.

San Tan Heights Church (now Heart Cry Church) officially launched on Easter of 2004. The following explores what Pastor Billy and Lisa remember of the first years of the church.

In 2005, the church was quickly outgrowing the gym at San Tan Heights and decided to move to Payne Junior High. God really blessed this move and the church grew exponentially. The Lord led many to Christ during the years at Payne. The following is a recap of the good and bad times that Pastor Billy and his wife Lisa remember.

In 2008, the Lord was growing the church at a fast rate. After outgrowing Payne, San Tan Heights Church (now known as Heart Cry Church) moved to Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. Pastor Billy and his wife Lisa remember the “high highs and low lows” while here at the PAC.

The Lord is good. He gives and He takes away. God richly blessed our church with an amazing piece of property right next to the QCHS. Listen to the following story of how God had different plans for our local church.

In 2011, Heart Cry Church was forced to move out of the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. Combs High was the only available school at the time and the Lord used this place to rebuild the core of Heart Cry Church. Pastor Billy and his wife Lisa recount how this was one of the hardest years of their life.

At the end of 2011, God brought Heart Cry back into the heart of Queen Creek. Since the move, Heart Cry Church has been majorly involved in helping the needy in Queen Creek. This is also the place where Heart Cry Cowboy Church began. Pastor Billy and his wife Lisa talk through different memories and look forward to more to come.

Heart Cry Cowboy Church began in 2013 and has seen a huge outpouring of the blessings of God.

The Best Is Yet To Come

By God’s grace, we have acquired and paid off 15 acres of land to build on. We believe this is just the beginning!

Since the birthing of our church in 2004, our church family has never had a facility to call home. Our members have been resilient in moving from one location to the next as we have sought to meet at the best location for the biggest impact on our city.

The last 11 years of our church have proven that we don’t need a building to reach and teach men and women, boys and girls for Christ. However, we believe this building will multiply our opportunities of changing lives forever. We will reach more people because more people are willing to visit a church in it’s own building than in a school. We will teach more people because we won’t have the time constraints or spacial issues that we have encountered in the past when organizing discipleship classes.

As we look ahead, we know that the world is watching to see a powerful demonstration of God’s love and power exemplified through us, His church.

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