It is our desire that every people group in the world would be in the hearts and minds of those who are at Heart Cry Church. God has a global purpose for every tribe and tongue to worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Treasure.


We expect our members to have a dedication to our local context by praying for your neighbor, friend, and co-worker to surrender to the name that is above every name. It is also expected to pray for nations around the world specifically. Lastly, to either pray for those on mission, go on the mission, and give to those who are on mission.

Our Focus

Christ commanded us to make disciples of all nations and that is why we supremely focus on the world. With the understanding of how amazing the gospel is, it only makes sense to extend this grace to every single soul on the planet. We cannot afford ignoring the millions across the world who are dying without ever even hearing about Jesus.

Local Organizations We Support

Every first Sunday of the month we support local organizations to further the Kingdom work here in our own Community!